Our company is an expert in hot tub cleaning service as well as installing a new one. Started in 2005 using traditional and new high technology materials. George Lewis owner of the company starts with just only two helper and serving homes in some city of South Florida. As the company grows they can also follow technology in the modern style of spa and hot tub. Now we have more than 20 quality craftsmanship. That has earned us a reputation as one of South Florida’s most reliable home services provider.


For installing new hot tub we manage all stages for each project.

From pre-designed up to installation. For years we have been building high quality in ground and portable hot tubs for 19-years. Our company has twenty different in ground and portable hot tub spa models available in ten standard marble and granite colors our selection may be fully customized. That includes personalized therapeutic jet configurations to meet your exact needs. We also do a customized hot tub and spa for a different residential project.


Our website provides a blog for hot tub maintenance tips. To help our viewers and customers to have an idea of how to take care of their appliances. For them to have daily maintenance so that the said appliance will last more than the expected lifespan. Our writers have hands-on experience with the job. They also made a thorough research on the new technology for hot tub and spa. With the research our writer learned, our technicians apply it so that we will know that it is truly working and effective.

Thus, our ability and skills also will increase and follow each new trends in this business. Every topic we made we see to it that they are effective and up-to-date needs of our customers both homes and business.